Web Programming – May 2011

Part – A

    1. What is the function of <SUB> tag.
    2. Write the syntax to create a button in a form
    3. Write any three objects of Java script.
    4. Define data binding
    5. What is the use of a layer?
    6. List out any three properties of record set.
    7. Write any two advantages of XML Applet.
    8. How is an XML document validated?
    9. What is ‘error 500’ in Perl Program?
    10. Define Hash in Perl.

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Write a HTML code that produces BCA marks memo. The memo should contain Hall ticket No. Name and a table of marks in individual subjects with the following columns. Name of the subject, internal marks, examination marks, results.
  2. Explain the all the attributes in a <TABLE> tag with example.

Unit -II

  1. Explain the different Bitwise operators which exist in JavaScript.
  2. What are the different attributes of <Script> tag and write a simple program to add two Numbers in JavaScript.

Unit -III

  1. Explain the Mouse over effects in DHTML with aid of examples.
  2. Explain the XML Data Source Control with examples.

Unit -IV

  1. With an aid of example explain how do you acces XML data.
  2. Write the relevant code for handling events while loading XML documents.

Unit -V

  1. Write the relevant code to call a CGI script from an HTML web page. Explain it.
  2. Describe how an e-mail message can be sent from a Perl program.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.