UNIX System Administration – May 2015

Part – A

    1. Define USB.
    2. What is Booting?
    3. What is the main difference between devices and drivers?
    4. Define log files.
    5. Explain TCP
    6. Define DNS
    7. What is electronic mail?
    8. What is Accounting?
    9. What is Daemons?
    10. What is Imaging?

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Explain in detail about the file system Unix environment.
  2. Explain how to add new users.

Unit -II

  1. Describe in detail about the configuration of hardwired terminals.
  2. Explain adding a disk.

Unit -III

  1. Write short notes on :
    1. routing
    2. SLIP
  2. Explain TCP/IP in detail.

Unit -IV

  1. Explain the different components of mail system.
  2. Explain Network management.

Unit -V

  1. Explain Disk space management in detail.
  2. Explain Hardware maintenance.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.