UNIX System Administration – December 2014

Part – A

    1. What are the cluster packages available in Unix and explain them briefly?
    2. Explain file system.
    3. | etc | services contains what files.
    4. What is log files?
    5. How to configure IP and make it permanent on neat reboot?
    6. Define routing.
    7. Define security.
    8. What is usenet?
    9. Explain briefly about disk space management.
    10. What is accounting?

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Explain booting and shutdown procedures.
  2. Explain rootly powers.

Unit -II

  1. Explain the devices in detail.
  2. Explain syscon in detail.

Unit -III

  1. Explain TCP | IP in detail.
  2. Explain Domain Name System (DNS).

Unit -IV

  1. Explain network management.
  2. Explain printing and imaging.

Unit -V

  1. Define Disk Management. Explain Disk structure.
  2. Explain performance analysis.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.