Organization and Functions – November 2008

Part – A

    1. Most Managers prefer __________ communication as it takes up less time.
    2. Time should be considered to be a passage of __________
    3. Many Management tasks are of __________ duration.
    4. Explain the levels of management.
    5. If the Manager is an ineffectual leader then an __________ will spring up within the team.
    6. What is Variance ?
    7. Leadership Trait theory is also known as __________ theory.
    8. __________ will pursue personal advancement by fair means or foul.
    9. Give formula for predetermined overhead ratio.
    10. All statements of financial accounts are based on __________ principle.
    11. __________ costing applies when products are being built for stock.
    12. Packing and Shipping are examples of __________ costs.
    13. The __________ method of stock evaluation is straight forward and logical.
    14. Explain the overheads.
    15. __________ prime task is to coordinate the many activities that occur on a project.
    16. __________ charts are also used for project planning.
    17. In __________ technique the same product is made continuously on a dedicated production line.
    18. What are the function of facility managers ?
    19. What is income elasticity of demand?
    20. What is a Model ?
    21. Persons who are skeptical of innovation and do not belong to any one social or income group, called __________
    22. Expand PLM __________
    23. What is a decision ?
    24. What is intermediary branding ?
    25. Two-factor theory of motivation is also called __________ theory.

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Discuss the need for organizational change.
  2. Explain the management tasks in an organization.

Unit -II

  1. Explain the role of Management tasks in an organization.
  2. Bring out the role of cost accounting in Management decisions.

Unit -III

  1. What is Logistics ? Explain the techniques involved in Materials control and supplier Manager.
  2. How do you find a critical path ? What is critical in critical path ?

Unit -IV

  1. Explain the need of marketing information ? List out the sources of marketing data ?
  2. How is the price of a product determined ? What are the factors need to be considered.

Unit -V

  1. Explain different methods of forecasting.
  2. Explain Vroom_Yetton Model for decision making.

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