Operating Systems – May 2015

Part – A

    1. Write a short notes on operating system.
    2. Write a short notes on components of operating system.
    3. What are the conditions for deadlock to occur?
    4. What is two-phase locking?
    5. Define fragmentation.
    6. Write a short notes on New and Malloc functions.
    7. What is Disk caching.
    8. List the advantages of contiguous files.
    9. Discuss about distributed operating system.
    10. Write the Trade off of client server model.

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Define interrupts. Explain the functions or operating systems.
    1. Write brief about memory and addressing.
    2. What is an operating system interface.

Unit -II

    1. Write short notes or counting semaphores.
    2. What are the levels of synchronization.
    1. Explain the strategies that are used for dealing with deadlocks.
    2. Explain about IPC pattern : Database access and update.

Unit -III

  1. Define load module and write the procedure for loading a load module.
  2. What are categories of dynamic linking?

Unit -IV

  1. Explain about the objects that are used to implement file system.
    1. Define index block.
    2. Describe reliability of file system.

Unit -V

  1. What are the types of resource in operating systems.
  2. Discuss about user authentication in detail.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.