Operating Systems – May 2009

Part – A

    1. What is system call Interrupt Handler?
    2. Distinguish between a program and a Thread.
    3. Why is preemptive scheduling better ?
    4. What is the difference between a program and a process ?
    5. What is Race condition ?
    6. Distinguish between a logical address space and physical address space.
    7. What is the main function of a device controller ?
    8. What is Fragmentation ?
    9. Define Demand paging.
    10. What are the advantages of SCSI controller over regular disk controllers ?
    11. What is Access Control list ?
    12. Define Disk compaction.
    13. Distinguish between contiguous and inter leaved files.
    14. What is process switching ?
    15. What is Translation Look Ahead Buffer?
    16. Define Dead lock.
    17. What are the disadvantages of Integrated Scheduling ?
    18. What is File Descriptor ?
    19. What is a Daemon process ?
    20. What are the different IPC mechanisms ?
    21. Define Thrashing
    22. What are the types of Resources ?
    23. Define Segmentation
    24. What is Critical section ?
    25. Define scheduling

Part – B

Unit -I

    1. Explain the Flow of control during process switching.
    2. Why do we call OS in event and table manager ?
    1. What are the advantages of multiprogramming ?
    2. Explain all process states with state diagram.

Unit -II

    1. Explain all the synchronization primitives .
    2. Explain any two non-preemptive scheduling algorithms.
  1. Explain in detail about Deadlock Avoidance, Prevention and Recovery.

Unit -III

    1. Explain all the global page replacement algorithms.
    2. Describe two-level paging.
    1. Explain about paging and segmentation.
    2. Explain Load Time Dynamic linking and Runtime dynamic linking

Unit -IV

  1. Explain Disk scheduling algorithm.
  2. Explain how file blocks are located on Disk.

Unit -V

    1. Explain what is preemption of Resources.
    2. Explain in brief all the protection attacks.
  1. Explain the representation of protection Information for Resources.

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