Information Systems Theory And Applications – December 2012

Part – A

    1. Write about the sequence of Development of Information system.
    2. What are subsystem? Give example.
    3. Define the value of cost of information.
    4. Give examples for operational Information systems.
    5. What is meant by simulation? Give example.
    6. Differentiate between DSS and EIS.
    7. What types of tactical-level decisions are made with respect to new technology?
    8. What are critical success factors?
    9. What are Ethical issues? Give example.
    10. What is meant by auditing?

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Discuss about functions and leveIs of management by taking suitable example.
  2. What are strategic uses of IS? Explain about Business process Reengineering.

Unit -II

  1. Discuss about the role of Accounting Transaction processing systems and Data quality.
  2. Write about marketing and production of operational Information systems.

Unit -III

  1. Give the overviews of Business models and Decision support systems.
  2. Explain how decision making supported by information systems under certainty and uncertainty.

Unit -IV

    1. Discuss how IS planning is organized.
    2. What is meant by analysis?
  1. Describe about all phases of system development life cycle. Give example.

Unit -V

  1. What is control theory? Explain about CED responsibilities) in MIS.
  2. Write short notes on the following:
    1. Threats
    2. IS Security risks

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