Information Systems Theory And Applications – December 2011

Part – A

    1. Explain the functions of quality control system?
    2. What is the nature of operational information systems? What kind of data do these systems collect and process?
    3. Explain stages in decision making.
    4. What are the components of decision support system?
    5. What is action plan?
    6. Draw the SDLC.
    7. What is firewall and how does it protect an organization?
    8. What are electronic controls? List four examples of electronic controls.
    9. What are the functions of management?
    10. What is system, subsystem?

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Write about following :
    1. system boundary
    2. system feedback
    3. system interface
  2. What are the steps involved in business process reengineering?

Unit -II

  1. Explain operational HRIS.
  2. Explain value and cost of information in operations and transactions.

Unit -III

  1. What are the models of group decision support systems and explain about models?
  2. Describe about decision in business areas of marketing.

Unit -IV

  1. Write about following :
    1. CSF
    2. End by means analysis
  2. Write about cost benefit analysis.

Unit -V

  1. Explain the management technical environment in management control.
  2. Discuss about common controls.

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