Electronics Commerce – November 2012

Part – A

    1. List the benefits of E-Commerce.
    2. What is regulatory environment?
    3. Compare Internet with Intranet.
    4. List the advantages of EDI.
    5. List the encryption techniques.
    6. What is digital signature?
    7. What is firewall?
    8. What is an intelligent agent?
    9. List the e-payment mechanisms.
    10. Compare advertisement in e-commerce with web advertisement.

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. What E-commerce and explain the various components of required to build a successful e-commerce?
  2. Why do you need independent third parties in making e-commerce?

Unit -II

  1. Explain the following :
    1. Features of VAN
    2. EDI systems
  2. Explain the various risks associated with E-commerce.

Unit -III

  1. Explain the various secure electronic payment protocols.
  2. Explain the various encryption techniques.

Unit -IV

  1. What is Firewall? Explain with suitable how firewall supports security of E transactions.
  2. Explain the various e-commerce payment mechanisms.

Unit -V

  1. Explain the various procedures involved in Internet shopping.
  2. Explain the various business models of electronic marketing.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.