Effective Documentation & Presentation – May 2012

Part – A

    1. Punctuate the following :

      lisa delpit suggests that the real conversation call for a very special kind of listening listening that requires not only open eyes and years but also open hearts and minds she explains we do not really see through our eyes or hear though our ears but though our beliefs.

    2. Rewrite the following sentences :
      1. I had met you recently
      2. I have been to USA in 2009
      3. They are not belonging to our society
    3. Use the following phrasal verbs in sentences of your own:
      1. put off
      2. Take off
      3. account for
    4. Write meanings to the following words
      1. Rustic
      2. Parapet
      3. Parody
    5. Choose the correct phrasal verb from choices:
      1. To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be __________ down.
        (cooled / marked / knocked)
      2. It’s dark inside. Can you __________ the light, please?
        (switch on / light on / put off)
      3. The firemen were able to __________ the fire in church street.
        (put out / put on / put in / put off)
    6. Use the following Idioms In sentences of your own :
      1. Thick in the head
      2. threw a wet blanket on
    7. Write antonyms to the following words:
      1. solicitude
      2. locomotion
    8. Choose correct collection from choice :
      1. I’m sure he is __________ aware of the problem.
        (great / hard / heavy / well / strong / hard)
      2. We carried the carton of books up to the fourth floor, and it was very __________ work
        (Great / missed / start / told / hard / wasted)
    9. Use the following idioms In sentences of your own:
      1. chew the fat
      2. a piece of cake
    10. Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms :
      1. The prime minister __________ (visit) London recently.
      2. Students *****EXAM MISTAKE****

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. Explain the mail merge process.
  2. What is slide show? How is a slide show better?

Unit -II

  1. Rewrite the following passage after making necessary maintain correct punctuation capitalization.

    in sanskrit is called marjoram he said as if he wew saying it with only the tip of his tongue and for Persian act theres no word in ancient sanskrit malayalam it is called poochi-poochi said govindan nair as went back with the boss to the inner

    1. Write synonyms to the following words :
      1. pageant
      2. exult
      3. credible
      4. concise
      5. concave
    2. Match the words in ‘A’ with their meaning in ‘B’
        1. Conceive
        2. conceit
        3. ensure
        4. fatigue
        5. eradicate
        1. too much pride in your self
        2. feeling of being extremely tied
        3. destroy or get rid of something
        4. to form an idea
        5. to make sure that happen

Unit -III

  1. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows :

    As many as five Indian companies, including Tata group firm Indian Hotels, footwear firm Bata India, have been named in the list of world’s 25 ‘Unsung’ innovative companies by the Business .week magazine, According to a list complied by Business week, the world’s 25 unsung innovative companies include firm which have failed to get a position on the list of world’s most Innovative! companies but all likely to become household . names like Apple, Google in the next 10-20 The other three Indian firms on the list are – Bajaj Holdings Investment, Nadir Godrej-led Godrej Industries and private sector lender Yes Bank.

    Apple, Google, Toyota Micro soft are the. corporations at the top of this year’s most innovative companies ranking and are household names the world over. But they wouldn’t have all been winners 10 or 20 year ago. The same may be true 10 or 20 years from now, the magazine said.

    About, Indian Hotels, the magazine said, “its slick and modern accommodations and attentive service, which it attributes to a meant system that links employee pay to customer satisfaction ratings”.

    1. What are the, world top Indian firms ?
    2. What is magazines opinion / observation on Indian Hotels?
    3. Write antonym to the word Innovation.
    4. Write the meaning of the word firm.
    5. What are the world top Indian firms?
  2. Make short note based on above passage.

Unit -IV

  1. Answer the following :
    1. Quotations
    2. Credit and collection letters
  2. Write a notice informing the all students of you college to attend a meeting in connection with the cultural day celebration. The notice must also contain that agenda for the meeting.

Unit -V

  1. Write a report oh how academic courses (BCA, MCA. B.Tech, M.Tech) etc., relevant to job opportunities in the industry.
  2. Write a report on new developments in information technology and its role in new technologies and sciences.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.