Effective Documentation & Presentation – May 2011

Part – A

    1. Punctuate the following:

      Youdhaveer singh general secretary akhil bhartiya jat mahasabha says we do not allow marriages in the same gothra but we have no objection to intercaste marriages.

    2. Rewrite the following sentences :
      1. They has been to Chennai last year
      2. (iThey belongs to Mumbai
      3. (iiMy friends Has given me books last night
    3. Use the following phrasal verbs in sentences of your own :
      1. SSM
      2. iron out
      3. cut down
    4. Write meanings to the following words:
      1. gorgeous
      2. regime
      3. stagger
    5. Use the following idioms in sentences of your own :
      1. rough and ready
      2. in deep water
      3. be in full swing
    6. Write synonyms to the following words :
      1. destination
      2. passionate
    7. Write antonyms to the following words :
      1. fantastic
      2. contrive
    8. Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition :
      1. He fell a victim __________ his own avarice.
      2. The victims __________ cholera were mostly pour people (of, to)
    9. Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms.
      1. __________ (live) in this city for three years.
      2. They __________ (drink) the juice one hour ago.
    10. Rewrite the following sentences.
      1. He asked me whether either of the applicants were suitable.
      2. Neither of the two men were very strong.

Part – B

Unit -I

  1. What is formatting ? Explain the process, of formatting in MS-Word.
  2. What is slide show ? How is a slide show better than ordinary presentation ?

Unit -II

  1. Rewrite the following passage after making necessary corrections maintain correct punctuation.

    Asia in the next five years is not going to be a big market for us Neste oil corp, President and Chief Executive Matti Lievonen said at the plant’s opening with an annual capacity of 80 tonnes the Singapore facility is the biggest renewable diesel plant in the world Nesta oil

    1. Write synonyms for the following words :
      1. discordant
      2. melancholy
      3. oblivion
      4. terminate
      5. meticulous
    2. Match the words in ‘A’ with their meanings in ‘B’
        1. invasion
        2. creeper
        3. interlocutor
        4. plagiarize
        5. relive
        1. person taking pack in a conversation with you
        2. to copy another persons ideas, words or work
        3. the act of an army entering another country by force in order to take control of
        4. a plant that grows along the ground up walls
        5. To experience something again, especially in imagination

Unit -III

  1. Read the following passage below and answer the question that follows :

    The BML-Munjalled Hero Group on Tuesday said it would acquire the entire 26 percent stake of Japan’s Honda Motor in their joint-venture Hero Honda Motors Ltd. (HHML) for over Rs. 3,841 crore. The company also said it would raise funds from private equity firms, including Bain Capital and Lathe Investment, estimated to be around Rs. 4,500 crore to finance its buy-out be selling stake in Hero Investments Private Limited (HIPL).

    “Hero Investments Private Limited an investment company of the Hero Group, said in a statement that it was acquiring all of Honda’s 26 percent stake in HHML at Rs. 739.97 per share.”

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.