Effective Documentation & Presentation – April 2013

Part – A

    1. Fill in the blanks:
      1. Mail merge Is used to send the invitation to __________ members.
      2. Hyperlink is used to connect the specified __________ .
      3. Formatting tool bar is used to __________ the text.
      4. Animation is used to animate the given __________ .
      5. Pivot table is used to display the data in a table format to find the required data __________.
    2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms:
      1. She __________ (like) listen to music.
      2. He __________ (woric) in this college for the last five years.
      3. We __________ (leave) the class room just now. .
      4. I’ve never __________ (go) to the U.S.A.
      5. __________ (be) sure about your success.
    3. Punctuate the following using capitals appropriately:
      1. Vice-President Mr. speaker Mr. chief justice president eisen nower vice president nixon president trauman reverend clergy and fellow citizens.
      2. America has given the negro people a bad check which has come back marked insuffiant funds.
    4. Spell the following words correctly:
      1. koleeg
      2. spektakals
      3. infonmasion
      4. prezentasion
      5. kwestion.
    5. Rewrite the following sentences grammatically:
      1. Mr. Samson has gone to Delhi yesterday.
      2. They are constructing the building for the last two years.
      3. Mr. Raju is senior than Mr. Ravi.
      4. He is good in Mathematics
      5. The patient died before the doctor came.

Part – B

Unit -I

    1. Howto create a picture and pivot table in MS.Excel?
    2. What are the steps to insert header and footer?
    1. How many cows and columns are in MS.Excel?
    2. What are the steps to create custom animation, slide orientation and slow slide show?

Unit -II

  1. Rewrite the following passage after making necessary corrections maintain correct punctuation, use of capitals, spellings, etc.

    mother teresas machineries of clarity continue to expend while at: the time of her death in 1997 it is operating 600 missions in 120 countries including hospices and-. homes for people with hiv/aids leprae! and tuberculosis soup kitches childrens and famili kounsfling programs orphanages and skools by 2007 the machineries of chanty numbered approximately 450 brothers and 5,000 nones worldvide operating 610 skocls and shelters in 123

  2. Write synonyms for the following words:
    1. Zeal
    2. stare
    3. moderate
    4. drastic
    5. abandon
  3. Match the words in ‘A’ with their meanings in ‘B’:

      1. principle
      2. stranger
      3. motion
      4. abridge
      5. assess
      1. short
      2. movable
      3. analysis or evaluate
      4. law
      5. unfamiliar / new

Unit -III

  1. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows:

    Nehru’s was a many – sided He enjoyed reading and writing books as much as he enjoyed fighting political and. social evils or resisting tyranny. In him, the scientist and the humanist were held in perfect balance. While he kept looking at social problems from a scientific stand point, he never forgot that we should nourish the total man. As a scientist, he refused to believe in a benevolent power increased in men’s atfairs; but, as a self proclaimed non-believer, he loved affirming his faith in life and beauty of nature. He adored children. Unlike Wordsworth, he did not see them trailing clouds of glory from their recent sojoum in heaven. He saw them as blossoms of promise and renewal, the only hope for mankind.

    1. What’s the meaning of a many-sided personality?
    2. How did Pandit Nehru enjoy?
    3. Which statement reflects Pandit Nehru’s point of view?
    4. In this passage, “a benevolent power increased in men’s affairs” what does it mean?
    5. What was Pandit Nehru’s thought on children?
  2. Read the In question No.6 and make notes of It

Unit -IV

  1. Write short notes on the following:
    1. Writing Memorandum, Notices, Agenda and Minutes.
    2. Types and the structure of a project reports.
  2. write a Tender Notice of an auction to dispose the used computers from a reputed software industry along with the list of quotations.

Unit -V

  1. Write a report on the necessary changes for BCA courses in comparison with other professional courses.
  2. Write a report on the corporate business taken place affecting the tradition business centres.

Attention : This exam questions are converted from the real exam paper to a digital text format by using an OCR Software that may made some mistakes, I reviewed it many times to correct it, But may still there some errors that I missed or misspelled, So if you detect an error or mistake PLEASE report by adding a comment or contact me.