Data Communication and Networking – May 2013

Part – A

    1. List different layers in OSI model.
    2. Write Manchester encoding given binary string 01001010011.
    3. Discuss multiplexing.
    4. What is the difference between error detection and collection.
    5. What is meant by Piggy backing?
    6. What is CSMA/CD?
    7. List different services of ISDN.
    8. Give layers in SONET.
    9. Write short note on bridge.
    10. What is purpose of transport layers?

Part – B

Unit -I

    1. Write short note on protocols and standards.
    2. Describe about OSI layered architecture with functions of each layer.
  1. Write short notes on :
    1. PCM
    2. Differential Manchester encoding

Unit -II

  1. Write about different guided media.
  2. Write short note on :
    1. EIA – 449
    2. PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

Unit -III

  1. Write in detail about different flow-control techniques.
  2. Explain about following :
    1. Packet switching
    2. Token RING

Unit -IV

  1. Explain in detail about X.25 protocol.
  2. Discuss about ATM architecture.

Unit -V

  1. Write about TCP/IP.
  2. Write about networking and internet working devices.

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